Vintage Bottle Wall Hangings

This was one of my first DIY projects and one of my favorites!!!  I have a love for vintage bottles and using them as decor.  I found a post online on how to make botle wall hangings.

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I found the vintage glass bottles for $6-$7 a piece at one of my favorite local consignment shops,

Then it was off to the hardware store for the remaining supplies. Now this was the tricky part.  I knew what pieces I needed for my project, but I had no idea what they really were or where to find them.  Luckily I took pictures of the images on my phone, and thanks to a few very handy men, we found them!   Now, I hate to be stereotyped as as helpless woman in a hardware store….but today, it paid to be a girl.  😉

What you will need (per bottle display):

1 – 3/4 Split Ring Hanger (found in the plumbing dept)


1 – Ceiling Flange (found in the plumbing dept)


1 – 3″ Threaded Rod **

threaded rod

2 – 12 x 1 1/4 Wood Screws


One glass bottle (you can also purchase them at Walmart for just a few dollars, but I prefer the vintage look myself.

1 – 2×8 piece of wood, cut to 18″ in length

2 – Picture hangers (saw tooth)



** Just a tip, bring your bottle to the hardware store to make sure the split ring hanger will fit the neck of the bottle (without it falling off).

**Don’t bother buying the longer pieces of threaded rod that are sold at some stores.  I did this….and cutting it was impossible!!! Luckily I found pre-cut pieces at my local independent hardware store.

Luckily, I had tons of 2×8’s in my backyard (thanks to the previous home owners).  I never throw away perfectly good wood.  I WILL find a use for it… eventually.  Using a circular saw, cut your wood to 18″ in length.  Then using a palm sander, sand the surface so it’s nice and smooth.  Use a clean rag to remove any saw dust.  Follow the stain instructions and apply to the entire piece of wood.  Let it dry.  Once the stain is completely dry, it’s time to apply your fixtures.

Hold your bottle up to the board so you can see where you need to attach your ceiling flange.   Attached your ceiling flange with the screws.

Screw in the threaded rod.

Screw on the split ring hanger.

Attach picture hangers to the back.


Now you are ready to insert your bottle.  And Voila…it’s as easy as that.  I made three bottle vases and hung them on my porch.  I love to snip a few flower stems from my garden during the summer.  I found that my lavender works perfectly, even thru Winter!


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