Fabric Pumpkins

Gobble til you Wobble!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year.  If you live in New England, you know what I mean.  Long gone are the hot, humid days of Summer.  I try to enjoy every last minute of Fall, as before you know it, the snow and the temps will be falling!  Other than the cool temps and the absolutely gorgeous foliage,  Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) is just around the corner.  So in preparation for Turkey day, I made these cute little fabric pumpkins.  I was at Homegoods the other day and found these adorable fabric pumpkins and thought, I can totally make that!


Here are the supplies you will need:

Soft fabric, such as velour or corduroy

Thread (use a thick thread or string)

Sewing needle

Hot Glue Gun

Cake pans ( 8″ or larger)



Poly filling

Gourd Stems

I visited my local fabric store on the hunt for Autumn colored fabrics.  Not willing to spend $10+ a yard, I decided to check out the remnant fabric bin.   Just a tip, most of our fabric stores will have a section of remnant fabrics. Basically, they are scraps of left over fabrics.  I found scraps of fabric that were 10″ x 10″ in size to 1-2 yards.  You can save soooo much money buying remnant fabric.  And I hit the jackpot!  I found 6 squares of fabric (approx 10×10″ – 12×12″) for only $0.50 a piece!  I spent a whopping $3.00 on fabric.


First, lay your fabric down so the wrong side is facing up.  Use your cake pan & marker to trace a circle on your fabric.   Then cut out your circles.


Ok, so the next step requires a little sewing…but don’t worry, you do NOT need to be a seamstress.  As long as you can get the string threw the needle…you are good to go!  I found that regular sewing thread was just too thin and can easily break.  So I recommend using a thicker thread or string.  Since my local fabric store didn’t have upholstery thread (go figure), I ended up using some “house-line” that I had lying around my house.  I had to unravel the 3 individual strings that made the house-line, which took some time, but whatever, it was free!  So, start doing a running stitch ( I believe that’s what it’s called ) about 1/2 ” in from the edge, around the entire circle.  My string was so thick, I used needle nose pliers to help pull the needle through the fabric.

Once you have completed your running stitch around the edge of the circle, leave a little extra thread at each end and then pull on the strings to make a pouch.

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1)I

Then start stuffing your pouch with the poly filling.  Pull the strings tight and tie the ends with a knot.  Cut the excess string and tuck into the center of the pouch opening.  I also stuck my finger into the opening to tuck the fabric edge and threads into the opening.   Don’t worry, once you place your glue, the small threads will stay inside the pumpkin. Using your hot glue gun, put a small dab of glue on the pouch opening and apply your gourd stem.  Let dry and voila, adorable fabric pumpkins!!!

071photo (7)

Total cost per pumpkin……$0.50!!!!  Love it!!!

I hope you enjoy this simple project.  Happy Turkey Day to you all!!!